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Wise Women In Ancient Times Older Women Were The Keepers Of Primal Mysteries And Were Revered For Their Special Wisdom Today There Is A Feeling That Our Culture Is Reawakening To The Power Of Our Elders Joyce Tenneson Presents 80 Portraits Of Women Aged 65 To 100, Who Comment On Their Experiences Of Ageing.

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    A tribute to womanhood , Tender.moving.intimate.Words of wisdom from old women on aging, beauty, body acceptance, lovely, lovely, loveyGorgeous photographs A wonderful gift book

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    When a book like this is given as a gift, it feels like love Joyce Tenneson captured women whose age ranged from 65 to 100 They were vital, energetic women who had an inner beauty that makes life worth liv...

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    The photography is amazing What treasures are reveiled in each picture Great care was taken in selecting the right quotation for each one It makes one re think how beauty and aging go together.

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    Crone Beauty and Wisdom, and this book reminds us that if done right, this is true In our culture, which glorifies youth, we need such reminders I love this book and simply had to have it when I first laid eyes on it and flipped through each page.

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    This is a simple, beautiful book which shows the grace and wisdom of aging women at this point in time The book speaks to you on another level very simply, but very profoundly.

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    With age comes not only wisdom, but extraordinary beauty.

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    inspiring gorgeous everyone must read

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    Great collection of quotes and photographs of some amazing women A good gift for the special women in one s life.

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    Very easy reading but very inspiring with beautiful photos A heart warming book.

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    This book is a great celebration of the thing that most women dread in this country aging.

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