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Blowback '07 Clashing Teenage Twins Arky And Iris Have One Thing In Common An Ancient Musical Instrument Left To Them By Their Mother When Iris Plays The Strangely Curved Woodwind, The Trouble Begins Arky S Friend, Matt, The School S Star Quarterback, Disappears Transported To And The Carlisle Indian School, Matt Is Forced To Play Football For Coach Pop Warner As The Carlisle Redmen Revolutionize Ivy League Football Matt S Struggle To Play His Way Home Is Complicated When He Falls In Love With An Indian Girl Meanwhile, Arky And Iris Discover A Cache Of Secrets That Might Bring Matt Back, And Lead To The Ultimate Rescue Their Mother, Trapped In The Past Blowback Launches A Century Spanning Trilogy To Be Continued In Blowback And Blowback Books Two And Three Propel Arky And Iris To The Illuminating Past, And Transform Them In Ways They Never Imagined After All, As Their Mother Once Cautioned, Every Road To The Future Winds Through The Past

About the Author: Brian Meehl

Brian Meehl has launched BLOWBACK 94, the third in his critically acclaimed Blowback Trilogy The first, BLOWBACK 07, received a cherished STARRED REVIEW from Publishers Weekly, and the second, BLOWBACK 63, gathered glowing reviews The trilogy harmonizes time travel, historical fiction, sports and romance But the third contains a major surprise with the appearance of the most scandalous

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    It has been a year since Iris and Arky Jongler Jinks s mother has gone missing without a trace, but before leaving, she left Iris her old Cor Anglais, a wind instrument similar to an oboe Iris never knew why her mom left it until she makes Matt Grinnell, Arky s friend and quarterback of their high school s football team, disappear by playing it After finding their mom s journal, they realize that Matt was sent to the past, and that the ability to send people to the past with the Cor Anglais has been passed down through the generations in the Jongler family While Arky and Iris frantically look for a way to get him back before the state title game, they realize this is why their mom disappeared, and they begin to gain hope that they will see her again.Matt, meanwhile, was blown back to 1907, and is forced to enroll at Carlisle Academy, a school for Indians, where he starts playing football He quickly realizes that football back then was much different than the modern game, and in order to keep up with the other Indians, he has to pick up his game While in 1907, he meets an Indian girl, Tawny Owl, who gives him feelings unlike any he s ever had even for his girlfriend back in the present In addition to growing as a football player, Tawny Owl forces him to become a better person These changes in Matt make him wonder if he wants to go back to the present, if he can even get back at all.Opinion To put it simply, this book was unlike any book I have ever read It was a brilliant blend of science fiction, historical fiction, and realistic fiction The idea for this story was unique as well an English horn that can blow people into the past However, this book was so much than just a good storyline There were very well developed characters, which made them very relatable, and the characters had great growth and interactions with other characters, which makes it very easy to root for the characters you like.I think the story was made even better because of the specifics There were specific terms and vivid descriptions of football games as well as musical instruments Since I enjoy both sports and music, this was especially pleasing for me, and while other people may not enjoy either sports or music as much as the author, this should not be a turn off, as there are so many good aspects in the story It was made even enticing for me after learning that most of the characters and events that happened to Matt, such as the football games he played in and some of the characters he befriended, were real people and events.The one thing I think could have been done slightly better was the original transition from the realistic side of the story to the science fiction side One minute Matt and Arky are celebrating a big win in the state semifinals, and the next minute the author is telling us about a Cor Anglais that can blow people back in time While I appreciate the diversity of the story and the inclusion of both aspects, I think the flow between the two could have been slightly smoother However, after a few pages, you are sure to forget about the rough transition in favor of the brilliant storyline and characterization.As a whole, this was an excellent book that tied together many different aspects They were woven together to create an amazing story The characters were relatable, the storyline was engaging, and descriptions will bring you to 1907 along with Matt This excellent writing paired with historical accuracy and a sprinkling of humor makes it a must read for fans of football, science fiction, historical fiction, and everyone in between I will definitely be looking for the next books in the series once they are released.Reviewed by a LitPick student book reviewer Age 17

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    Had to abandon This will undoubtedly sound super San Franciscan, but that is where I live and work this book was too full of gender based slurs for me to bother finishing I think any 7 th grader who read it would come to me in horror It is a not done thing in our world to denigrate other boys for being girlie And the casual trash talking banter about the other football team the Trojans wearing skirts and that these boys are going to blow up their skirts, and also blow up the skirts of the actual girls at the after party, would be viewed by our students and faculty as gender normative hate speech Unless this book is about to turn a corner and have these characters deal with their bias, I don t think our students would accept it I will read on in the hope that is the case.

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    I enjoyed reading this book I m not a football fan, so I got some education about that topic, but even through my lack of knowledge on that topic, the story held my interest I work in a high school, and some of the characters in the book roam my halls I look forward to the next two installments.

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    Totally loved this book The historical setting of the Indian School and football team of 1907 draws the reader in and I can t wait to read the next book that will take the reader back to the American Civil War.I received this book free from Goodreads First Reads.

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    What fun If you like time travel or football check this one out As one character goes back in time the reader is taking to Carlisle Indian School and football history.My copy was a gift from Goodreads First Reads.

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    Great adventure and pacing, tad bit problematic in that some of the words used feel like they could be from a book written in the 1950s

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    This book had great potential but it just fell kind of flat for me I loved the beginning but I felt like it took a very long time to get to the conclusion.

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    Copy provided by the authorArky and Iris are dealing with the disappearance of their scientist mother in different ways Arky is running, and hanging out with his football playing friends, and Iris spends and time playing the antique English horn that her mother left behind with a cryptic note When Arky s friend Matt is accidentally sent back in time by the power of the musical instrument, the twins have a renewed hope that their mother might return Matt, of course, is completely shocked to find himself at the Carlisle Indian School in 1907 He meets an ancestor of the twins who explains a little about the time travel to him, and it seems like Matt might be stuck in time until until he mends some of his ways In the meantime, he meets Jim Thorpe and joins the Carlisle football team Football in 1907 was very different from what it is today and so are the girls, like Tawny Owl, who is not only training to be a nurse but who has an unusual interest in football While Arky and Iris are trying to figure out how the time travel works, can Matt manage to break away from 1907 in time to return to the present to win the championship football game for his own team Strengths I am excited to give this to my students who only want to read books about football, because it might get them interested in time travel stories or history There are enough details about football, both past and present, that I didn t understand a lot of it That is always my rule of thumb for a good sports book The Carlisle school and institutions like it have appeared in children s literature before, but I ve never heard about the football team, so this is a great topic This is slightly appropriate for high school there is a party with some drinking, and a bit coarser language at parts , but nothing that would keep it from being a good choice for middle school students I am looking forward to the two sequels Weaknesses While the word choices and general description of life at Carlisle might draw some fire from Native American concerns, I think that they are in line with the attitudes and s of the time and place Imposing modern sensibilities on historical characters is disingenuous, although I suppose Matt could have complained about the treatment of Native Americans, although that really wasn t his main concern, nor was it in his character.What I really think It s too bad that this is self published, because it will be harder for schools and libraries to get a copy It s my decided opinion that all historical novels should include football, and this is a fantastic choice for high school and upper middle grade readers who are interested in the sport If you re leery about self published books, rest assured that Meehl s writing is quite facile and fun to read Pair Blowback 07 with this upcoming nonfiction title Sheinkin, Steve Undefeated Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football TeamJanuary 17th 2017 by Roaring Brook Press

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    Let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed this book It had two things I enjoy Time Travel and football Now lets get into what this book is about Twins Arky and Iris who s mother has been missing for a year and they are not sure where she has gone Iris has instrument left behind from her mother that she has kept from her bother and father Matt who is Arky friend who plays high school football One night while the twins father was gone They throw a party and Matt goes to Iris and she plays her instrument and that s where trouble begins Matt is taken to 1907 to the Carlisle Indian School Where Matt has to learn to play football by their rules Amazing story and how Matt handles living in 1907 and Arky and Iris try and learn how to find out how to get Matt back and how to find out about thieir mother and how they can find her I recommend people who like time travel and football I cant wait to start reading book two and finding out about the twins.

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    Starred Review in Publishers Weekly In this time bending first novel in a planned trilogy, Meehl Suck It up and Die creates a fascinating dichotomy between past and present North High junior Arky Jongler Jinks, a sharp witted cross country runner, is best friends with his high school s star quarterback, Matt Grinnell, and defensive back, Danny Bender Arky s twin sister, Iris, prefers making music especially playing an unusual antique English horn that her mother left to her in secret, before vanishing to sports and partying The extent of the woodwind s powers are revealed when Iris s playing accidentally sends Matt back to the year 1907 Sports, music, and science collide as Iris and Arky attempt to retrieve Matt while wondering if their mother could be found, too Meanwhile, Matt must adjust to his new century and playing for the Carlisle Indian School s football team, coached by Pop Warner and figure out a way to get back to hometime With propulsive pacing and an entertaining mix of witticisms, historical lessons, romance, and poignant moments, Meehl s SF adventure hits all the right notes Believable characters infuse energy into each scene readers will eagerly await future installments Ages 12 up.

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