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Angel of War More Than , Years Ago God Commanded Abraham To Leave His Father S House And Travel To A Promised Land Far To The West But No Journey Across The Ancient World Is Safe Taking His Nephew, Lot, And All Their Servants And Soldiers, Abraham Must Face The Forces Of Nature, Men And Darkness If He Is To Reach His Promised Land Abraham Is Not Alone God Has Assigned An Angel To Accompany Him On His Journey His Angel Must Battle Demons And Minions As He Makes A Safe Path For Abraham To Tread This Story Of Biblical Fiction And Spiritual Fantasy Brings To Life The Words Of Genesis , As Abraham, The Father Of Judaism, Christianity And Islam, Begins The Journey That Will Change The World

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    An amazingly written blend of biblical historical fiction and spiritual fantasy.

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    I loved this book I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to get of the story of Abraham and his journey to Canaan The historical biblical fiction is well blended with fantasy It is well written and easy to read It s a long book, but I was left wanting and I m anxiously awaiting the sequel I was not all that familiar with Abrahams story, and this book helped to fill in some of the blanks There are many leads in this story and the way it is written, you fall in love with the characters, and I can t wait to find out the rest of their stories As Abraham is the father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, this book would appeal to most everyone I liked how it is broken into easy to read chapters focusing on a specific character I appreciated all the footnotes that gave information and there were many maps to help follow along the journey There were many battles, challenges and struggles along the way and the author goes into great depth to describe each one I highly recommend this book and hope that the author is working on the next one.

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    Fascinating Historical FictionAs a fan of historical fiction, I really enjoyed reading this take of the journey Abram and his people to the Promised Land It has a satisfying ending, but does seem to be set up for a sequel Recommended for those who would like to know how this father of western religions may have lived, and historical fiction fans in general.

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    Although this book was quite long, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it It give me insight to what life might have been like 4000 years ago Reading about it Abraham s quest to reach the promised land and all that he and his family endured was extremely interesting and entertaining.

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